CSP LED production line


Various CSP LED products


Technical characteristics and advantages
Advantages: 1. High yield rate of welding-free wire production; 2. Bin location is concentrated; 3. Low production cost; 4. Good light quality;


Compare with competing products
Uniform light output without light spots


Manufacturing process of ultra-thin CSC LED without bracket
Among the global CSP manufacturers, we have reached the highest of the three industries: highest yield, highest light quality, lowest production cost


Application fields and end products


Core product reliability has passed various certifications
Various reliability tests

Mass transfer of micro light emitting chips

Mini/Micro LED Mass Transfer

Mass transfer process and technical capabilities

Take the production of 55-inch Mini LED backlight as an example

1.Mini Led chip used for backlight is 1474 K LEDS (512X288de)

2.Has independent single area dimming technology

3. It only takes 6 minutes to produce a 55-hour Mini LED TV backlight version

Mass transfer production line equipment self-control capability

Customizable Mini / Micro backlight products with regional control


Customizable Mini / Micro backlight products with regional control